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How to Sell Your House in 2022

Updated: Feb 16

Ryan Castillo of the Redfin marketing team reaches out to share how to sell your home in the 2022 market. This article is well written and of course not to be bias, RESPECT that hiring a home inspector is the #1 recommendation; esp when clients are waving them more and more in the flooded real estate market. Current market trends seem to not factor inspections into the budget and closing costs. This is an error that could easily begin to compound the cost of a home inspection! Waiving the inspection also has a way of prolonging the sale with unforeseen issues coming up at closing, vs the front end of negotiations. As licensed home inspectors all we can do is educate clients to protect their real estate assets/investments, but it always comes down to their own educated choices and decisions. The beauty of a free market. Stay safe and trust the process.


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