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"...Yeah, but is it Asbestos?"

Updated: Jan 19, 2021 only advise would be just don't eat it.

As we all work towards combating this terrible pandemic, it is increasingly important that we educate and spread awareness about mesothelioma. Pleural Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by exposure to a fibrous substance known as asbestos. Those fighting this terrible cancer have a higher risk of fatality due to COVID-19 because of their weakened respiratory system.

"Before it was discovered that asbestos causes malignant mesothelioma, there were plenty of reasons for using asbestos. The mineral adds strength and thermal insulation. It’s fire-retardant, cheap and it helps to block noise...Unfortunately, the material is still in place in millions of houses and apartment buildings throughout the country. Intact asbestos does not generally pose a health problem, but once it starts to deteriorate or sustains damage, it breaks down into tiny particles that are easily inhaled or ingested."

Oppenheimer, Terri. “Mesothelioma Risk Rises With Asbestos Hidden in Older Homes.”, 16 Mar. 2018, Accessed 15 Jan. 2021.

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